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We have multiple and frequently changing medical jobs in france, to following one is just one example. (more about our french jobs here)


Institution :


Website : http://www.ch-briancon.fr/

Organisation of the institution :

The hospital provides emergency care, people in medicine sector, surgery, maternity, pediatrics, psychiatry. It has a sophisticated technical platform, available 24h / 24h (emergency, intensive care, laboratory, radiology …).

Briancon medical job

Position :

Job title : ONCOLOGIST – salaried position

Contract :  3 or 6 months fixed term contract, renewable on vacancy – The applicant must envisage a long-term position.

Hospital contracts always start with a fixed-term contract because doctors must first undertake examinations for being permanent hospital practitioners.

Status : 4th level contractual practitioner sub-status + 10% = 3911 euros net / month for 10 working half-days per week + payment of on call sessions (803 euros net/month).

Temporary accommodation is possible.

Qualifications : Medical oncology

A good level of French (minimum level B2) is required.

Role :

In charge of Alternatives sector to hospitalization which includes week of hospital and day hospital.

This sector of alternatives include : 11 beds on the implementation of chemotherapy

The theoretical number is 1 versatile doctor on full-time basis. He will be replaced during his holidays.

Participation in on call sessions in the medicine department with others practitioners.                                     Networking with local cancer centers and regional referents.

The medicine department also has on the same floor:

– Two conventional hospitalization sectors of 13 beds each one. One is oriented more towards cardio-respiratory diseases and the other one to gastroenterologist and versatile pathologist.

– A short-stay geriatric sector of 10 beds

The department has pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist and the pole has geriatrician, doctor and addiction specialist palliative care.

If you are interested about our job offer, please let us know by sending your CV to info@doctorsabroad.hu, doctorsabroad@yahoo.com  More information about french Medical jobs at the Doctors Abroad website

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