Part time locum job for junior doctors (DVLA medical health checks)

Part time locum job for junior doctors (DVLA medical health checks)

Our contractor is looking for junior doctors to carry out DVLA medical health checks on drivers.

The work is very straightforward and involves reporting questionnaires which are completed as a first stage screening or on a self declaration basis on behalf of governing bodies and a general examination to include BP, urine and eye checks.  Our contracted work involves taking blood samples and urine testing and is linked to specific locations only, namely Nottingham Sleaford Gainsborough and Barnstaple.  The main guidance is the ‘At a glance guide’ by the DVLA which outlines the conditions which may affect driving etc.


Junior doctor job Uk

Typically the clinic sessions are 3 hours in each location. We arrange two clinic sessions for AM and PM in two different locations which are close to each other to travel to.  We are looking for doctors who can give us commitment and regularity. They can flexibly do anything from 1 clinic every 2-4 weeks or even 12 clinics, for example on a 2-3 week cycle on their days off This job is appealing  to those who already have mainstay work but wish to supplement their income with easy periodical work.

We do have a need for doctors in the following locations, as a matter of priority due to some doctors moving or to meet increased demand:








Gatwick or Crawley or East Grinstead

Nottingham / Leicester

Sheffield & Mansfield









We also have requests for group medicals from different companies in various locations on an ad hoc basis.


Junior doctor job Uk DVLA

Salary: 35£/hour

Requirement for the Job:

  • GMC registration with licence to practice
  • Completion of FY1 training (SHO level)


If you are interested please send your Cv to us at the or site.

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